As a Rendering Engineer you will be building the future of our rendering system, which is the cornerstone for all of our products.

You have experience creating powerful and performant solutions using low-level graphics APIs that make the end product shine. You look at a system and not only see inefficiencies and shortcomings, but see a path towards a better system. You believe that working with a team will not only help get more done but results in a much better product.

We want people who:

  • Have extensive experience with multi-threaded rendering
  • Are familiar with OpenGL, Metal, and DirectX
  • Write in C++ as if it were your primary language from birth

We really want people who:

  • Have experience working with the FFMPEG library
  • Understand video and audio signal processing

Our best engineers will have:

  • Experience working with broadcast audio and video standards and technologies
  • Familiarity with rendering on multiple platforms (Window, MacOS, Linux)